The most gambling countries in the world

The most gambling countries in the world

10. Spain: $ 418 per person

The real weakness of the Spaniards is sports betting. Football fans and connoisseurs of this game, in which a crowd of rich guys are running after the ball, Spanish finances are poured into betting in the amount of 60% of all funds put into excitement. The rest of the money is fairly allocated to roulette and poker.

9. Greece: $ 420 per person

The fact that Greece has been suffering from money problems lately is no secret to anyone. But the punters of this country managed to spend $ 2.3 billion on the game!
But despite this, people may be attracted by the very way to simply and easily improve the situation in their family.

8. Norway: $ 448 per person. Funny case with bank cards

Gambling in Norway, prosperous and prosperous, is legal, but only partially. The country's authorities introduced a law in 2010 that obliges Norwegian banks to prevent customers from using their cards in casinos. After that, the Norwegians use only cash.

7. Hong Kong: $ 503 per person

Locals often pay attention to advertisements for gambling houses, but the only legal establishment is the Hong Kong Sports Betting Club, which is Hong Kong's largest employer. However, the government itself is keen to attract only foreign tourists for gambling because tourists are one of the main sources of income for the Hong Kong underground.

6. Italy: $ 517 per person

%sThis state became the largest gambling market in Europe quite recently. Casinos and pokies are everywhere. According to the results of the expert assessment, for every 104th citizen of the city there is a pokie machine or a terminal of some kind of lottery. There is no way to avoid gambling addiction.

5. Finland: $ 553 per person

In this climatically harsh country, the gambling business is run by a special person - a state monopoly, and all the profits from gambling go to social protection. The Finnish authorities strive only to profit from the addiction of the inhabitants of their country and do not hinder it in any way! No one is surprised that Finns are already traditional guests of all gambling ratings.

4. Canada: $ 568 per person

Sports betting and poker are the favorites of Canadian punters. The Government of Canada is imposing strict rules on casino operators so that they do not divulge information about visitors to their gambling houses. Residents of Canada often have a large income, which is probably why they play without fear and can safely lose some $ 500!

3. Ireland: $ 558 per person. Special luck

The Irish believe in some kind of special"Irish luck", many gamblers of this country are sure of it. Sports betting is the most widespread in this fabulous country. Well, maybe the Irish are right about their luck.

2. Singapore: $ 1,174 per person

Although visiting casinos is prohibited here by the government of the country, the number of fans to “try their luck” is only growing, and growing rapidly, attracting tourists with an increasing number of casinos and pokies. In a year, one punter can lose over $ 1000 here! The government of Singapore is truly infecting its citizens with excitement!

1. Australia: $ 1288 per person. The most gambling country in the world

In this country, 80 out of 100 people who have reached the age of 18 are addicted to gambling. All thanks to the growing and strengthening economy. Gambling is spreading like wildfire across this country!
And some are even convinced that"gambling is the right and good thing for rich people", and are glad that they live in the most gambling country in the world!

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