Entertainment Venues in Australia 

Entertainment Venues in Australia 

Covid-19 has brought with it a range of changes and many of these include restrictions on what were otherwise considered normal activities. There are many entertainment venues across Australia that have been known for hosting large concerts, sporting events, parties, weddings, trade shows, and much more. These events have brought people from around the world and helped boost tourism throughout the country and yet covid restrictions have hindered said travel and tourism for the entertainment industry. 

Covid restrictions have resulted in a lot of changes to these entertainment venues and made it much more difficult for people to attend because of the risk factors associated with longer events, indoor events, travel to get to events, and high levels of covid cases in a given area where the event might be held or at the very least where lodging for the event is held. 

Covid 19 Restriction for Entertainment Venues

According to the CDC, large gatherings at entertainment venues in Australia bring with them a range of additional vectors for transmission such as lodging, event staff, long-distance travel, ticket areas, and security. These vectors include:

  • Festivals

  • Weddings

  • Holiday parties

  • Concerts

  • Trade shows

  • Conferences

  • Sporting events

  • Parties and more

These restrictions started out with the complete cancellation of large public events at many entertainment venues across Australia. But now things are starting to change and as restrictions are eased, there are still measures to be taken at large gatherings such as wearing a mask. It is still recommended and in some places required to wear a mask over the nose and mouth and securely affixed to the sides of the face and under the chin. It is also still recommended that people maintain a 6-foot distance from those who are not part of their family.

Tangentially many venues are opting for outdoor events rather than indoor events so that social distancing can be allowed. But even with outdoor events such as famous horse races, Motocross events, or concerts, there are some required or recommended rules for limiting the number of seats made available and making sure there are social distancing measures in effect for those who attend.

Making it even more difficult are restrictions having to do with highly trafficked or congested areas like concession stands or restroom facilities which people are encouraged not to visit during high traffic times like halftime, intermission, or directly following an event.

For these reasons, there has been a shift toward other forms of entertainment in the virtual forms. 

Mobile Entertainment Venues

Mobile entertainment has taken over with the introduction of COVID restrictions.  The CDC has actually encouraged virtual and mobile entertainment venues as a replacement for large outdoor gatherings or even indoor gatherings.

The CDC encourages virtual gatherings for shows or concerts, family parties are reunions, sports events, conferences, religious ceremonies, and every other form of regular entertainment. Mobile entertainment now fills a much-needed entertainment gap for individuals whose large-scale concerts or events have been cancelled across Australian venues or whose events can't be easily converted to an outdoor space. It makes it much easier to follow safety measures.

In fact, mobile phones are quickly becoming useful even for those venues that do happen to take place indoors or Outdoors across Australian venues. Touchless payment methods or ticketing apps have become a requirement. Restaurants have switched to a QR code which individuals can scan on their phone to place their order while other entertainment operations have provided waivers in a virtual setting using the same type of QR code set up so that individuals simply scan and fill out the forms on their phones rather than with a pen and paper.

Mobile Entertainment Venues

 As companies, campsites, and entertainment venues start to open back up, it is still important for individuals to find something to do in their spare time especially when they are sitting around up there lodging and mobile entertainment is the perfect solution to this, offering people the opportunity to do things like playing their favourite casino games online from their phone no matter where they are, or access similar online games that challenge the mind and give users something useful to do during their off time. This is particularly important in environments where most of the normal entertainment has been limited or is still cancelled because of covid restrictions. Where individuals might have otherwise attended events in person or used facilities in person, they can now turn to their phone for other forms of entertainment with a limited risk of spreading disease.

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