Tips For Organising The Best Corporate Themed Parties

Organising a corporate event is not rocket science, but it does involve a fair amount of planning and decision-making. If you are currently feeling overwhelmed and are looking for an easy breakdown of corporate event planning, keep reading.

The next few tips will teach you how to keep your focus while ticking off all the tasks on your list right on time and according to your schedule.

Start Early

The sooner you start to plan your upcoming corporate event, the better. Here is why:

  • You will have lots of answers to wait for and dozens of things to confirm. Starting early will allow you to take everything step by step and make sure nothing gets left behind.

  • Keep in mind you will not be the only company interested in renting or hiring the venue and entertainment you plan on using. If you truly want to get your hands on a certain venue or catering service, make sure you start contacting them early on.

  • The sooner you send out the invites to your employees and special guests, the more guests you should expect to confirm their presence and attend the event.

  • You will experience less stress knowing everything has been carefully planned down to every detail beforehand.

Choose A Casino Theme For Your Corporate Partycasino themed party

Themed corporate parties are not only focused on elegant decorations and a fancy dress code for guests. The theme of your party will set the right tone for your party and it should be visible in every aspect of the party, ranging from the foods and drinks you will be serving, the design of the invitations, the décor, and the entertainment you pick.

At Campbelltown RSL, casino themes will always be one of our all-time favourite party themes, thanks to the glamorous decorations and the highly entertaining feel tied to them. Worried that a casino or gambling theme might not please your female guests to the same extent that it would appeal to your male guests? Think again. It would seem that young Aussie women love to engage in pokies and other forms of gambling both online and offline as often as they get the chance, and playing scratchies, instant lotteries, and the lottery are also high up on their list of favourite pastime activities.

If you are planning a fundraiser, a Vegas night party theme should also spark a huge interest. Of course, there are plenty of other smart ideas for corporate party or event themes you could put into practice. You could even hire a specialised event planner to provide you with a few successful ideas and guidelines and help you start spinning all the wheels.

Create A Detailed List Of Tasks

Once you have the right theme figured out, it will be time to create a detailed list of all the things you will need to tackle:

  • Find the best themed party decorations. Pay special attention to the way the main entrance, the bar, the stage, and the table centres look like. Use casino-inspired elements such as large dice, roulette wheels, casino chips, card games, and plenty of golden, silver, red, and black accents

  • Decide upon the best party food and drinks. Finger sandwiches, fancy shrimp cocktails, a complete sit-down menu, a laid-out buffet for guests, a pre-set menu, or a menu that will allow your guests to choose from – there are tons of alternatives. Make sure you figure out what are the most suitable foods in relation to the selected theme and choose the most reliable catering services, especially if you will be expecting some guests with special diet needs. Also, decide whether a rich menu consisting of pre-ordered drinks would best suit your party style and theme, or whether you should choose to pay for all the consumed drinks at the end of the night. The first option will allow you to gain better control over the party budget, but it might also cause some potential problems in case you will not order a sufficient amount for all the guests.

  • Choose the best music and entertainment options. For a classy casino party, you might want to opt for a live band and either have them create their own playlist, or create one together with the rest of the event organisers. For a Hawaiian-themed party, a DJ might be more suitable. Just make sure they come equipped will all the necessary gear.

Finally, decide whether your event will be more successful should you rent casino tables, photo booths, or cocktail experts and create a detailed rundown of all the speakers.

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